F​ūs'd Glass Art

Designs made by Sara Swartz

Original creations, Custom pieces, Functional decor

Crafted with skill and passion.


From sushi sets, platters, dishes, and bowls to light sconces, wind chimes, and bird baths, Sara is passionate about making  functional pieces, creative decor, and enjoys working with clients to create custom orders. All of her pieces are made with care and precision, intended for everyday use and enjoyment!


These creations are made for everyday use, entertaining, and colorful display!
Functional ideas? Great for appetizers, serving roasted vegetables, family sushi night, and showing off those freshly baked goodies.


Colors and designs can be crafted by request - making special gifts for any occasion!

Contact me for custom designs and to learn more.


Decorative creations brighten a space and add a unique component to each home. Light sconces, wall displays, and window art add new dimension to any interior. Add flare to your outdoor space by displaying wind chimes and a bird bath.

All F​ūs'd Glass Art is hand crafted in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.